Craps World Record – 154 Rolls with No Loss

Craps World Record – 154 Rolls with No Loss  Did you ever wonder who holds the record for playing craps for the longest time? You might be surprised who it is.

We love the story of Patricia Demauro, a granny from Denville, New Jersey, who rolled the dice for over an hour without losing the longest golden arm.

The craps conqueror is said to have rolled 154 times – including 25 passes – during four hours and 18 minutes in May 2009. This is a world record! As a result, she hit the headlines when she demonstrated her craps prowess at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.

This resulted in the unlikely hero beating Stanley Fujitake’s 1989 record who achieved three hours and six minutes, he rolled 118 times. Demauro ended the 20-year streak by taking down the original trailblazer.

Besides establishing Demauro’s place in the hall of fame for the longest craps roll, she also secured a place in its history. As part of her achievement, she was awarded membership in the Platinum Arm Club, which recognizes players who have rolled for 90 minutes, or 60 minutes plus, on two or more occasions, without quitting.

She went to the Casino with a friend and had only $100 in her pocket. It took her just over four hours to break the craps world record and make it look like a friendly game of dominos. In other words, she was in a league of her own after 154 rolls without a loss.

When she reached the end of her hot streak, she celebrated with champagne. There has never been any disclosure of how much she won at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City that night. However, It speculated that she might have won hundreds of thousands of dollars if she made good bets, according to gambling experts.

Since we’re talking gambling, Demauro is said to have accomplished this feat with odds of 1 in 1.56 trillion.

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