Craps Kings

Craps Kings  Another group effort scam came crashing down in 2016 when Bellagio craps dealer Mark William Branco and two accomplices, were convicted and sent to Nevada State Prison for their part in scamming the casino out of $1 million+. The scam involves the individuals going to a craps table manned by Branco and place phantom high-value bets on specific combination of numbers on the dice roll.

The players would mumble something to the dealer who would then pay out on the fact that the combination they had apparently said to him (even though in reality they hadn’t) had come up. The group tried the scam close to 80 times over a two year period. What eventually caught them out was the fact that casino workers realised the group’s luck amounted to odds of 452 billion-to-1 odds.

Branco is currently spending four to ten years in prison for the scam and it’s a felony crime if he ever enters another Vegas casino. Sounds like he needs a new hobby!

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