MIT Blackjack Team

MIT Blackjack Team  Surely the most notorious card cons in the history of casino gaming, the MIT blackjack team fine tuned and went on to use card counting techniques that raked in millions for them over a period of decades. These brainboxes used their knowledge to tip a game of fine margins firmly in their direction , really pulling the rug from under the feet of casinos in the process.

The group of students and ex-students trained by Bill Kaplan trained close to 100 blackjack players and made $10,000,000 for himself in the process. Once casinos ascertained what was going on, bans were happening left, right and centre . Some players kept it up, but it became more and more difficult over time, to the point where it’s now mostly viewed as a success story of player over casino, rather than something that goes unnoticed anymore.


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