Contact Lens Scam

Contact Lens Scam  When I was a kid I grew up watching the Children’s TV show Inspector Gadget. the main character, as you’d imagine as a premise for such a show, would go around righting wrongs in as ingenious ways as possible via his countless gadgets. He was something of a swiss army knife in human form.

This type of behaviour clearly isn’t limited to Children’s TV though, as in France 2011 a gang of four ripped of a French casino to the tune of a cool $88,000 by using special contact lenses. One of the cheaters (a casino employee) marked the card with invisible ink, while the others wore the special lenses, giving them a serious advantage. The sneaky plan worked like a charm but this sneaky crew got greedy and pushed their luck by returning the following week.

After ruling out cameras and infrared glasses the authorities discovered the contact lens scam and that was the end of that!

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